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How Do You Store Your Coffex Coffee?

Posted on July 17, 2017 by Luke Applebee

Coffee Freshness—How Do You Store Your Coffex Coffee?

Do you enjoy our premium coffee blends? Is it the pleasant aroma, the rich taste? Everyone can agree that a superb brew always comes down to how fresh the ingredients are. Whether you purchase a single Coffex coffee packet or buy in bulk, as soon as you tear open the packet seal, there is a lot you can do to preserve the freshness of your precious coffee beans.

So how should you store and use your coffee beans?


Coffex Coffee

Check the Roasted Date

It may seem trivial and obvious but it is always worth checking the expiration and roasted dates of your stock. Avoid disappointment entirely by avoiding a packet that has been in storage for too long. Alternatively, you can be proactive in which packet to open next if you are in the habit of rotating your stock properly.

Use a Sealed Container

How often are you dipping into your stash of yummy coffee? Is it worth investing in a secure container? The connoisseurs at home are probably content with a plastic clip or a small plastic container. Baristas and café owners, however, may prefer to use sealed storage tubs to top up their hoppers in a flash without compromising the quality of their product.

Don’t Refrigerate Your Beans

Did you know that refrigerated coffee beans can affect the quality of your product? Refrigeration can form condensation and moisture which can quicken the staleness of the beans.

Protect Your Goods

Proper storage is essential because air, moisture, temperature and light are all factors that affect the freshness of your coffee. For more hot tips, contact the experts at Coffex.


Try Our Classico Coffee

The beans in this special blend are a mix of Central America, South America, African & Oceania Arabica. Classico strikes an incredible balance of flavours with its caramel sweetness and hints of both peanuts and biscuits. It is the perfect blend for baristas and café owners who are looking for a 100% Arabica coffee that tastes just as good in a short black or a coffee with milk.



Coffex Coffee For Over 50 Years

Over the years, we have refined our coffee blends, manufacturing processes and procurement of quality espresso machines and other accessories to delight baristas, connoisseurs—you—with the best coffee. We have satisfied our customers with premium products and other goods since 1959. Order fresh coffee from us today. 

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