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Phone: 1300 263 333

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Sigri Estate is located in the mountainous region of the Wahgi Valley in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Established in the 1950s, the farm rapid gained a reputation as a quality producer of coffee in the region. Sigri's coffees are mainly harvested from May to July. Mostly concentrating on the Typica variety, the coffee can trace its roots back to Jamaican Blue Mountain Typica. The coffee is hand-picked and carefully sorted for uniformity. Only red and fully ripe cherries are selected for further processing. They are then pulped on the day of picking, followed by a fermentation process for 3 days. The coffee is then sun-dried before hulling, grading and then hand sorted once more for quality control.

Tasting Notes

Bright & sparkling acidity, flavours of plum, sweet peach and red berries. Hints of elder flower. Elegant and silky smooth mouthfeel with a zesty finish.

Varietal / Altitude / Process

Typica / 1,500m asl / Washed Process


Sigri Estate, Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

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PNG Sigri Estate - Sigri AA


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