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Phone: 1300 263 333

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Suburbia - The blend from the burbs

Coffee is an agricultural product that has distinct growing seasons which change from region to region.
The idea of our seasonal blend, is to take the best coffees from each region at their peak time.
With our Seasonal Specialty Blend, we capture everything each region has to offer at the optimum time of harvest.
Why blend it, you may ask?
Blending coffee is all about matching the characteristics and flavours to create a unique profile. It's about finding combinations that excite the palate and challenge what we can expect from a cup of coffee.

RASV AICA 2014 - Gold Medal
RASV AICA 2015 - Bronze Medal
RASV AICA 2018 - Bronze Medal 

Tasting Notes

Notes of dark berry aromas, sweet and jammy mouth-feel with hints of apricots and stone fruits, grapefruit acidity and lingering sweet red dates finish.  

Roast Type

Light - Medium


Colombia - Marianela, Kenya - Kimunio, Ethiopia - Wote Konga

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Suburbia - Seasonal Specialty Blend


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