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Phone: 1300 263 333

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Colombia - Jairo Arcila

This coffee is grown by Jairo Arcila at Finca Santa Monica. Carefully hand picked and careful selection of only the ripest coffees were ensured in this amazing microlot.
Processed at the La Pradera washing station and naturally processed by our partners.
This lot of coffee is 100% Variedad Colombia, this varietal was developed by the Colombian Coffee Federation in order to fight against leaf rust disease.
Finca Santa Monica is located in the Vereda, Villarazo, in Quindio, only 2KM away from Armenia.

Tasting Notes

Amazing floral aromas, blueberry sweetness, dark cherry, liquorice notes and a sweet syrupy finish.

Varietal / Altitude / Processing

Variedad Colombia / 1900 - 2200 Metres above sea level / Natural process


Finca Santa Monica, Vereda, Villarazo, Quindio, Colombia.

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Colombia Jairo Arcila