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Phone: 1300 263 333

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Kenya Kimunio Estate

The Kimunio Estate is located in the Central Highlands, Kiambu District of Kenya. The farm is owned by Harun and Ruth. They are a small estate ran by a truly gifted couple who are passionate about developing better processing for their coffee. Together with Shared Source, the story of how this small estate were able to sell their coffee through the auction system was truly amazing. 

Tasting Notes

Bright stone fruit acidity with complex flavours of peaches, green grapes and raisins. Finishes delicately sweet with a lingering caramel aftertaste.

Varietal / Altitude / Process

SL28+SL34 / 1,700m asl / Washed Process


Kimunio Estate, Central Highlands, Kiambu District, Kenya

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Kenya Kimunio Estate