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Phone: 1300 263 333

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Ethiopia - Hunda Oli

An amazing coffee sourced through amazing rigours by one of our green bean partners. Tasiwa Estate is another example of a coffee where putting in extra effort has paid dividends. We have made a few visits to the owners, and been able to assist them in bringing their processing to a higher standard, improving both quality and shelflife for their coffee. We were also able to gift them a humidity meter, as a way for them to monitor the drying rates of their coffee. For a roaster to purchase directly from a small estate is very rare. We developed the relationship and then had to figure out how to get the coffee milled separately. Being such a small farm, if they were to deliver to the mill and have the beans sorted into the traditional AA/AB/PB the resulting separated screen sizes would have been far too small to export as separate lots. 

Tasting Notes

Stone fruit - Green grapes - Peaches - Raisins - Sweet caramel finish

Varietal / Altitude / Processing

SL28+SL34 / 1,700m asl / Washed Processs 


Tasiwa / Central Highlands / Kiambu District / Kenya

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Kenya Tasiwa Estate