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Phone: 1300 263 333

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PNG Kigabah Estate

Kigabah Estate is located in the mountainous region of the Wahgi Valley in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Sitting at 1,600 masl in Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands, the climate there is perfect for coffee plants to thrive. Due to intensive management designed to eliminate the use of chemicals, the soil of Kigabah is a deep loam. Undergrowth is not removed, and pinto peanuts are inter-planted with the coffee so that nutrients do not leech out of the soil and erosion is dramatically reduced during heavy rains.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of spice like cinnamon and nutmeg, flavours of milk chocolate, caramel and toffee apple, gentle green apple acidity, smooth bodied and a beautiful dark plum aftertaste.

Varietal / Altitude / Process

Typica / 1,600m asl / Washed Process


Kigabah, Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

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PNG Kigabah Estate