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Phone: 1300 263 333

Phone: 1300 263 333

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Our Coffee

Our Coffee

We search far and wide for that which tastes most unique, whilst never compromising the hardworking farmers who produce it. Supporting Fairtrade and sourcing Organic Certified Arabica coffee beans worldwide, we take our time to understand the qualities inherent to the location, developing techniques to enhance and optimise these flavours. Locally roasted in Brunswick using European Machinery, we bring the best coffee flavours in the world for Australia to enjoy.

Our Blends

Whether it be grown in the volcanic soil of the Central Andes of Colombia, or RFA certified coffee from the Kateshi Estate in Zambia we dedicate ourselves to find rich and flavourful notes that all coffee drinkers can enjoy. Our 100% Organic Certified coffee, is roasted using traditional techniques by experienced coffee roasters in Melbourne. Our dedication to roasting specialty blends has produced award winning coffee which has been enjoyed worldwide. Take a look at our unique blends and find your flavour.

Our Sourcing

Coffee is a volatile commodity. And as such producers and coffee farmers from around the world are at risk of being taken advantage of, especially when coffee is sourced from developing countries. That is why we support Fairtrade, to ensure education for the children of coffee farmers, and to strengthen the community of producers, ensuring fair pay. We source coffee from over 25 Countries, across 4 continents, and continue to search for the best coffee beans for contract roasting, from the Coffee Capital of Melbourne.

Quality Assurance

Creating coffee that is fresh, perfectly roasted, rich and flavourful is an art for coffee roasters. At Coffex Coffee, we have had more than 50 years to develop our craft, from the sourcing of beans to the techniques and equipment used by our coffee roasters. As such we assure the quality of our product with a timeline built on passion, dedication and refinement. Because we, like our customers are coffee lovers, ever striving to better perfect our roasting since 1959.

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